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Interested in becoming a volunteer for the Hubbard Free Library?

As Hubbard Free Library grows, volunteers help round out library services. There are many ways you can help at Hubbard Free Library. The following list covers some of the general projects available to volunteers.

Circulation Desk
Volunteers can help by checking books in and out for patrons, answering the phone, collecting fines on overdue materials, and keeping the work area clean.

Shelving Books
New books and book returns are always coming in. Volunteers can help by putting books way and making sure they are returned to the correct location with the proper stickers and labels on them.

Processing New Books
Books are constantly being added to the collection. Volunteers can help by covering books using the two different methods, and making sure that the books are properly labeled and stickered before they are added to the collection.

Purging Books
Purged books need to be removed from our cataloging system and properly prepared for the next book sale. Donations also need to be processed. Volunteers can help by checking books against the system to see if they are already in our catalog.

Children’s Room
With so many visitors, there is constantly a need for some tidying up with both books and toys. Volunteers can help by stopping by a few times a week and tidying up the space, especially after library events.

Book Displays
Putting displays together can take time. Volunteers can help by suggesting themes for displays, as well as helping to pull books for displays. Volunteers can also use their crafting skills to create signs for display.

The Library is always looking for individuals with unique skills that would be willing to host a program and lead others through learning the skill.

Requirements for Volunteers
Volunteers are required to have an email address, stay updated through a volunteer newsletter, and fulfill a certain number of volunteering hours.

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