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Guest Speaker Series

While Bath has long dominated the popular imagination as the center of shipbuilding on the Kennebec and is today home to the only such enterprise on the river, it has not always been without rivals.

Upriver towns like Gardiner, Pittston, and Hallowell, “the practical head of navigation on the Kennebec,” were home to shipyards that turned out fine vessels that helped launch the United States on its way to international commercial prominence.

In this talk, Lincoln Paine will discuss the rise and fall of commerce and shipbuilding along the upper Kennebec in the nineteenth century, and what they can tell us about Maine today.

Held at the Hubbard Free Library on May 5, 2023. Join us for an evening of recollections as we hear from several former employees of Stevens School, with a brief history and new documents presented by State Historian Earle Shettleworth and State Archivist Kate McBrien.

During this event, Nona Thompson spoke up about writing a memoir which you can read below.

Presented on October 21, 2022. An evening presentation by Maine State Historian Earle Shettleworth Jr., Frank O’Hara and Matt Morrill to discuss the origins and history of The Industrial School for Wayward Girls, what it’s like today, and what the vision is for the future of this location.

This 40-minute presentation and discussion explores the true history of the community who lived on Malaga Island, off the coast of Phippsburg, Maine, in the late 1800s. The program examines the individuals who were part of this community and the state’s actions to evict them from their homes through the complex history of racism and eugenics in Maine.

A message from the President of the Board of Trustees, Ken Young. January 2022.

“Black Cat and Other Stories” by Sumner A. Webber, Sr., interviewed by Maine State Historian Earle Shettleworth. October 22, 2021.

Chris Myers Asch August 29, 2020