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What Is ‘Cloud Library’?

CloudLibrary allows patrons to have access to e-books and e-audiobooks. Hubbard Free Library patrons have access to CloudLibrary as part of their library card services. Want to know how you can access these awesome materials? Keep reading!

CloudLibrary can be downloaded to your mobile devices , Kindle, or computer.
Find out more here:

If you want to quickly browse through available e-books and e-audiobooks, Hubbard Free Library’s CloudLibrary site lists books by genre, type of material, and awards. If you’re looking for a specific title, you can also use the search button to see if the title is available.

Visit the Hubbard Free Library CloudLibrary by clicking on the image above.

To access all of the amazing material available on CloudLibrary, all you need is your library card number! Click the login button, and type in your library card number which can be found on the back of your library card. If you don’t have your library card, you can send us a message through our Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. What is Cloud Library? Cloud Library is the home of the Society Library’s circulating e-book collection and a collection of downloadable audiobooks. The Cloud Library enables members to browse, borrow, and read a collection of titles selected by Library staff. Books can be read—or listened to—on personal devices, such as iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Nook, Kindle Fire, PC, and Mac OS.
  2. Cloud Library asks for my Library Card ID to login. Where do I find my Library Card ID if I do not have a library card? If you do not have a Library Card number, then you can reach out to us using the Contact Us form and we will reply as soon as possible.
  3. What kind of e-reader can I use with Cloud Library e-books? Apple devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch), Android-based tablets and smartphones, Nooks, Sony eReaders, Amazon Kindle Fire, PCs, Mac OS, and more not specifically listed. See CloudLibrary’s information here:
  4. Can I read Cloud Library e-books on my Amazon Kindle? Cloud Library only works with the Kindle Fire. Amazon requires that e-book platforms have a contract with them to offer standard Kindle compatibility. Instructions for downloading the Kindle Fire app are available here.
  5. How long can I borrow Cloud Library titles? 14 days. The content will disappear automatically from your account on their due date.
  6. Can I return my items early? Yes—if you use an iPad, iPhone or Android device. Go to My Books and click on “List View” to select the book you want to return. Please remember that if you have a book checked out, no one else can read it. If you finish a book before its due date, as a courtesy you may check it in early.
  7. Do I pay fines for e-books or downloads? No. E-books you have checked out will disappear automatically from your account on their due date, so they will never be overdue and you will never have to pay a fine.
  8. Can I renew items? No, but you can check it out again if there are no holds on it.
  9. Will the e-books I have borrowed affect the number of print books I can check out? No.
  10. Can I place holds? Yes. Using the app, you may place a hold on an e-book or audiobook that is currently checked out to another patron. When you place a hold, you will see the scheduled number of days until the e-book will be available. Do not use the Library catalog to place a hold on an e-book.
  11. Will I be notified when a Cloud Library e-book or audiobook I have on hold becomes available for check out? When the title is returned to Cloud Library, a message will appear in your Message Center telling you the item is available for downloading. You will have three days to download it before the hold is removed. You may also sign up to receive an e-mail notification when an item on hold is available by entering your e-mail address in the “Email notification” tab of “Account Profile” settings.
  12. Can I cancel a hold? Yes. Go to the My Books page and click on “Show All.” This will take you to a new page that will display a “Remove from Hold List” button next to each item on hold. Simply click on the button next to the hold you wish to delete.
  13. Are e-books and audiobook downloads listed in the Library’s online catalog? No.
  14. Who can I contact if I have more questions? You can ask the circulation staff for assistance or use our Contact Us form.